Atlas | Rules on submitting workforce list and employee register
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Rules on submitting workforce list and employee register

Rules on submitting workforce list and employee register

Aruba’s employment law regime changed substantially on 1 April 2013, owing in part to the entry into force of the Employment Ordinance 2013 (Arbeidsverordening 2013). That Ordinance sets out rules for such matters as working hours, breaks, overtime, and working on public holidays. It imposes a series of “extraordinary obligations” on employers also, specifically the obligation to compile and submit to the Department of Labor and Research (Directie Arbeid en Onderzoek, “DAO”) a workforce list (arbeidslijst) and an employee register (personeelsregister). This newsflash explains how these obligations affect your situation.

Workforce list

Every employer must compile a workforce list, as applied also before 1 April 2013. This list describes:

1. the positions within the business;
2. the corresponding workforce;
3. the working hours and breaks observed.

A template has been adopted that must be used for compiling workforce lists. However, a workforce list compiled under the old Aruba’s employment law regime, is also considered as a workforce list for the purposes of the Employment Ordinance 2013.


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