Atlas | About Us
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About Us

Introducing Atlas

ATLAS was formed early in 2012 when a group of ambitious and experienced professionals joined forces. They are at your disposal with their services in the fields of accountancy, tax & advisory, pursuing the highest standards of quality and personal attention at affordable hourly rates.


ATLAS has a very diverse client portfolio. We advise high-net-worth individuals, medium-sized companies, and international enterprises. Our wide range of in-house knowhow and experience allows us to assist our clients efficiently across multiple areas of professional expertise, offering personal attention at attractive hourly rates.


ATLAS’s main office is situated in Aruba, where the firm’s staff work hard every day to provide clients with the highest standard of service. Its wings also extend to the other Caribbean territories of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (St. Maarten, Curacao and the BES islands). On occasion, ATLAS works with independent local consultancies that also possess proven track records.


You are always welcome to drop by and meet our team. We look forward to making your acquaintance!